Software Testengineer Automotive

Munich, Germany

We develop and produce our own software and electronic products, as well as providing consulting services to our customers for new development and test projects. Our technical specialisation in the field of automotive Ethernet and ECU development enables us to offer technical solutions on topics such as embedded ECUs, on-board networks, ADAS, security, body function, comfort function, gateway and many more.

  • Analysis of the requirement specifications and design specifications of our customers in the automotive industry.
  • Test planning, definition and implementation of test concepts and test systems for embedded systems in the vehicle.
  • Commissioning and implementation of ECU tests on the HIL simulation.
  • Development of automated test cases and test frameworks.
  • Planning and implementation of embedded system and component tests with regard to specific properties.
  • Use of Technica Engineering's own products as test tools.

  • Expertise in the field of Ethernet protocols, e.g. ARP, IPv4, IPv6, TCP / IP protocols
  • Experience with network technology (e.g. switches, VLANs, ...) as well as with protocols
  • Good OO programming skills in Python and C # or a .NET language.
  • Experience with version management systems, e.g. Git, SVN, ...
  • Linux experience Knowledge in the field of automotive bus systems, mainly with automotive Ethernet and SOME / IP, DOIP.
  • Certification as ISTQB "Certified Tester Foundation Level" is desirable.
  • Experience in trace analysis (Wireshark) is desirable.
  • CCNA certification is desirable

What do we offer?
  • You'll work with and learn a lot from leading technology pioneers like Dr Lars Völker and Thomas Königseder - so we'll build your IP know-how and train you to be the next subject matter expert.
  • Exceptional work-life balance: - Flexible holiday arrangements - Because you know best when you need a break - Compensatory time off - Your free time is important to us - Any overtime can be converted into free time - Flexitime model - Whether you're an early bird or a night owl - You can flexibly organise your working day - Flexibly adaptable working hours model - Full-time or part-time - Because you decide where your priorities lie.
  • We are multi-culti and live an extraordinary DIVERSITY of very many nationalities and cultures - fully integrated in the daily work routine
  • Home Office or Office - Work where you feel most comfortable, with us both are possible.
  • Tailor-made coaching programme for the first few months - because your personal support is important to us, we think about what you should learn before you start so that you can familiarise yourself well.
  • Wide range of training courses via the company's internal training database as well as via the Gamelearn online learning platform - so that you can continue your training with us in a targeted manner.
  • Possibility to take on internal roles (e.g. trade fairs, recruiting, mentoring..) - if you want to get involved outside of your team role.
  • A very good salary and a comprehensive package of attractive company benefits such as pool bikes & scooters, credit payment card, BAV or company loans - because we appreciate your daily commitment.