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We know where to find the talent you need
HR team that supports companies in growing their businesses by hiring the best talent
We support professionals and experts in breaking new ground and find the best employment opportunity
As a team we are developing and enjoying challenging tasks and achieving high results
Why work with us
Selective recruitment of unique and rare IT and DIGITAL professionals in Europe, Israel, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Belarus
We work on complex roles
We constantly undergo training, actively participate in the development of the market
Modern methods and search tools, including networking, IT talent community and social networks
Position your company to stand out. The relevant candidate will choose you over the competition.
Research IT market trends
When can we help you
The company is aiming for the exact match of the candidate to the vacancy, there is no time for employee training
Urgent replacement is required for a departing employee.
Vacancies aren’t closed for a long time
Looking for an HR partner with a professional IT language
Your company is growing rapidly, you need to attract talent in a short time
We take care of the market research, analytics and compiling a Search Map
Advising on the recruitment process and interviewing
We set up an HR department from scratch
We provide the option of an outsourced, "non-staff" recruiter
Find the right professional for your company
Contact our team and discover our expertise
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About us:
IT recruiters from all over the world
The best tools in IT recruitment
Access to professional recruiter platforms
Continuous training and professional development
Ability to work from anywhere in the world
Fixed income and comission from closing
    Team Lead
    12 years of experience as an HR manager in international companies in FMCG, PHARMA, IT in Europe and other countries
    IT recruiter
    7+ years of experience in HR and recruitment with focus on mid level and senior IT positions
    IT recruiter
    3+ years in IT recruitment. Searched for the following specialists: developers (web, mobile), QA, system analysts, architects, UI/UX designers, product managers
    Employer Branding

    Experience in marketing since 2007: PR campaigns in the media, corporate publications, event organizations, SMM projects

We work with


Career coaching and consulting
Job search strategy
Professional CV development to help you get noticed
Support in changing career direction
Assessing your personal characteristics, skills and interests via one-to-one interviews
Job interview preparation