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Maria Danilova
Career Coach ACC ICF HR Expert&Consultant
12 years of experience in HR: from Recruiter to HR Manager in international corporation (FMCG, Pharma, IT)
More than 2000 conducted interviews
Over 350 coaching hours with positive feedback
to find your talents and abilities, goals and values, choose the right career path
get ready for job searching in Russia and EU: analyze the vacancies, create the resume that will “sell you”, prepare self presentation and prepare for the interview.
develop relocation strategy as well as adaptation strategy in the new country
As a career consultant I help
The main requests I work with
as career coach:
I liked everything, but there is no progress in my career or I have career break
I want to find out what to do next
The management has changed and the current one does not fit me
Unsatisfied with the current job
10 years in this profession but I want a change. How to make the first step?
I have the possibility to relocate, but I am not sure that I can deal with it
I suddenly got a job offer: to accept or not
Other situations
Why I am sure I can help you
I know the specifics of the German and Russian labor market. I use my job experience, knowledge expertise, networking and coaching
Speaker at the Netology webinar "How to find a job as an IT specialist in a new country".
Experience as a recruiter in an IT company working in Germany, Spain, Latvia and Russia
Personal successful experience: found a job in Germany in 3 months after the relocation, after 9 months I changed to a more suitable position.
Over 350 hours in coaching with positive feedback
New project - IT recruitment practice.
Professional coach ACC
according to the standards of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) from CoachingUp University
Professional Mastermind Group Moderator
Certified IAMREMARKABLE Trainer
The current Career Coach at the Dialog Club, a public organization in Berlin, provides support to the Russian-speaking community in adaptation to the German job market

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